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The newest revolution in computer software is to have programs reside on remote servers (called "in the cloud") -- so that you can access them via the internet from any computer, smart phone, tablet, or e-reader. There is now a professional astrology program located "in the cloud" called AstroApp.

AstroApp is essentially a website that offers a huge range of astrological functions, many for free, with dozens of more advanced functions available on a subscription basis.

You can get a free subscription to AstroApp, or a paid subscription at a reduced price, by clicking here.

The Free Features of

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When I was first contacted by the author of, it struck me that no one had ever developed an online website for calculating such a wide range of astrological functions before. Sure, there are many places online where you can get a chart wheel, or even additional charts of a limited variety. But goes so much further.

The huge range of charts, tables, graphs, and maps is wonderful, but even better are what I consider to be the top two features: having access to all of your charts wherever you are (by importing them into AstroApp) and being able to access such a huge range of functions via a smart phone, iPad, tablet, or any laptop computer, whether it is a Mac, PC, or Linux machine!

I sincerely hope that you explore AstroApp, and return here for new updates and a discount on your subscription.



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